Historic Districts

OSHNA’s Historic Districts

Old Seminole Heights has a wealth of historic structures. Some of these, like Hillsborough Highschool, are on the historic register and others are grouped into one of two current historic districts. However, most of our historic structures exist outside of recognized districts. In all corners of Old Seminole Heights, not only do the historic structures stand out, but so does the old fashioned sense of community — new or old home — it’s the sense of community that is valued most.

Seminole Heights Residential District

Type: Local and National Historic District

Dated: 08/05/1993

National Boundaries: Roughly bounded by Osborne, Florida, Hanna, and Cherokee Aves.

Local Boundaries: Slightly larger and include a small section East of I-275 bounded roughly by Hillsborough Blvd, Henry Ave, I-275, and Nebraska Ave. (Does not include commercial structures on Nebraska or Hillsborough.)


Hampton Terrace Historic District

Type: National Historic District

Dated: 01/27/1999

National Boundaries: Roughly bounded by Hanna Ave., 15th St., Hillsborough Ave., and Nebraska Ave.


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