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Bylaws Committee

A committee whose purpose is to annually review the bylaws of OSHNA for updating and change based upon the most currently accepted rules of parliamentary procedure and Association practice; to annually review and revise when necessary the Association’s Policy and Procedures Manual. The chairperson shall act as the Association Parliamentarian.

Code Enforcement Committee

A committee whose purpose is to encourage the proper care and maintenance of commercial and residential properties in the Seminole Heights area through the enforcement of applicable building, zoning, and minimum housing codes; to institute programs involving public agencies to ensure said enforcement. This committee shall also serve as the contact and coordinating body for ‘peer-to-peer’ and similar code enforcement and zoning related programs.

Communications Committee

A committee whose purpose is to compile and publish the OSHNA newsletter; to have oversight of the editing, publishing, and distribution of the newsletter; to manage the sales, content, and placement of advertising; to notify and communicate with the General Membership about events of general concern; and to utilize other methods of communication as may be directed by the Executive Board.

Digital Presence Committee

A committee whose purpose is to provide and maintain a website; to facilitate communication within OSHNA and the community through digital means.

Elections Committee

The elections committee is an ad hoc committee that is active each year for the sole purpose of facilitating the elections held in October of each ear. The chairperson is chosen each year by the President and approved by the board. This committee accepts nominations from the 3rd quarterly meeting through August 31st. Nominations will be posting once eligibility and acceptance has been confirmed. Elections are held at the 4th quarter meeting which is on the 4th Tuesday of October.

Greenspace and Beautification Committee

A committee whose purpose is to preserve and protect the neighborhood’s greenspaces including parks and walkways and trails; to encourage greenspace initiatives along commercial corridors and public rights-of- way.

Highways & Byways Committee

A committee whose purpose is to identify the transportation needs and problems of the Seminole Heights area, in particular the impact of any planned road expansions and maintenance; to determine and seek to alleviate any deleterious by-products of such expansions and maintenance; to promote the maintenance and improvement of existing highways and byways; and to promote pedestrian and bicycle access and transportation throughout the neighborhood.

Historic Preservation Committee

A committee whose purpose is to protect Seminole Heights as an area of historic significance; to seek recognition from federal, state, and local authorities as a historic district; to identify and promote the preservation, maintenance, and enhancement of the historic neighborhood properties, sites, and environment within Seminole Heights.

Home Tour Committee

This committee is responsible for the annual Home Tour fund raising event.

Land Use Committee

A committee whose purpose is to review land use, zoning, wet-zoning, variance, Architecture Review Commission, and other development and redevelopment changes, petitions, and proposals within Seminole Heights, and to work proactively to create new land development standards. This committee may have members from other neighborhood organizations; however, the chairperson shall be a member of OSHNA as defined elsewhere in these bylaws.

Membership Committee

A committee whose purpose is to maintain the official list of membership in OSHNA. The committee shall maintain the official voluntary email list to notify and communicate about events and activities of general interest.

Neighborhood Involvement Committee

A committee whose purpose is to increase awareness of, and membership in, OSHNA through recruitment of new members and retention of current members; to organize and coordinate community service or special events activities undertaken by OSHNA; to enlist volunteers, donations and involvement by public/private and neighborhood sources; to accomplish such activities; and to publicize such efforts.

Safety Awareness Committee

A committee whose purpose is to facilitate awareness of safety and crime prevention activities; to facilitate communication between existing crime prevention groups, Neighborhood Watch Coordinators, and the Tampa Police Department; to support the expansion of safety awareness and to support crime prevention groups throughout the Seminole Heights area.