Safety Awareness Committee

The goal of the Safety Awareness Committee is to provide support to the various Old Seminole Heights (OSH) Neighborhood Watch Groups, to bridge the activities between these groups and Tampa Police Department (TPD), and to encourage an active safety awareness and crime prevention community within OSH.

Tampa is divided into three areas called districts.  OSH is located within District 2 (north of Hillsborough) and District 3 (south of Hillsborough).  Within the districts, TPD uses a grid system to further divide the city.  There are 15 grids corresponding to OSH with some overlap with other neighborhood associations.  Ideally, there is at least one Neighborhood Watch Coordinator (NWC) aligned with each grid, but some NWCs cover more than one grid or have more than one coordinator.  Here is a list of Neighborhood Watch pages matched to grids and a ‘zoomable’ map showing the grids within TPD District 2 and 3 boundaries from the TPD website.

Important Numbers:

TPD Emergency:  911

TPD Non-emergency:  813-231-6130

Broken Street Lights:   813-223-0800

Damaged Sidewalks:  813-274-3101

Code Enforcement:  813-274-8211

Links and Resources:

National Neighborhood Watch website

“Bright Lights, Safe Nights” street lighting enhancement program website

Neighborhood Enhancement (junk, illegal dumping and signs, graffiti and abandoned vehicle removal, etc) website

Tampa Police Department website

Tampa Police Resources (reporting crime, traffic, prostitution, bike registration, Citizens Academy, etc) website

“Safe Tampa Bay” program to reduce gang membership website

* is an online resource for neighborhood and home safety and security website

* is an independent site that reviews products/conducts research. Advertising supports their website (so please read their online disclaimer)

Within Old Seminole Heights, here are some known grid coordinators.  Please contact Michael Guinn ( with updates:

Grid NW Group Coordinator North South East West
OSHNA Neighborhood Watch Grids
43 River Sligh Florida River
44 Oaks at Riverview Crystal Williams
River Sligh Nebraska Florida
45 Evelyn City Michael Guinn
River Sligh 15th Nebraska
46 Seminole Crest Nancy Perkins
River Sligh Rowlett Park 15th
47 River Sligh River Rowlett Park
50 OSH NW Wendy Ward
Sligh Hanna Florida River
51 Sligh Hanna Nebraska Florida
52 OSH NW Nita Osterman/Rick Fifer
Sligh Hanna 15th Nebraska
53 Sligh Hanna 22nd 15th
57 Henry & Ola NW Wendy Ward
Hanna Hillsborough Florida River
58 Suwanee Heights Sid Losh/Tim Keeports
Hanna Hillsborough Nebraska Florida
59|60 Hampton Terrace Jim Kwid (NW #1) Hanna Hillsborough 22nd Nebraska
59 Hampton Terrace Sid Roberts (NW #2)
Hanna Hillsborough 15th Nebraska
60 Beacon Heights West J Turner (NW #2)
Hanna Hillsborough 22nd 15th
70 Grid 70 Stan Lasater
Hillsborough E Osbourn Nebraska Florida
82 Grid 82 Stan Lasater
E Osbourn Dr MLK Nebraska Florida

Committee Chair: Susan Elbare