Greenspace & Beautification Committee

OSHNA’s Greenspace and Beautification Committee is charged with finding the ways and means to improve our community Gateways and Greenspaces. In 2016 the committee targeted the non-profit American Legion Post 111 property for a community improvement project intended to brighten our northern gateway and also support our local veterans.

The Greenspace Committee was extremely fortunate to collaborate with local landscape design and installation firm Dragonfly Landscape & Water Gardens who planned a design to fit, not only the neighborhood association budget, but also the full-sun conditions of the Florida Ave facing property line. Chuck Whit and Autumn Schwab, owners of Dragonfly, have a motive for volunteering that is simple and clear, “We’ve lived in this community for over a decade and the Heights corridor means a lot to us.”

On Saturday, December 3, 2016, over 250 plants, 7 crape myrtle trees, 1000+ feet of drip irragation, and close to 200 bags of shredded mulch were installed by over 30 volunteers under the supervision of the Dragonfly owners. Together we created a beautiful landscape for our local American Legion. “A lot of people showed up, worked hard, learned quickly, and had a ton of fun. It was an emotionally uplifting day, and the project turned out beautifully.” says Autumn Schwab. The entire project was completed in about 4 hours.


Committee Chair: Sue Bingham