Below are the current needs for volunteers. Other committees may welcome additional volunteers as well. If you are interested in doing something specific, you must be a member of OSHNA and you can contact a member of the board or the committee chair directly.  You can also send an email to involved@oldseminoleheights.org

Committees Looking for Volunteers:

  • Home Tour committee (Chair: Debi Johnson)
  • Neighborhood Involvement (Chair: Kelly O’Neil)
  • Highways and Byways (Chair: Doug Jesseph)

Volunteer Forms and Documents:
Expense Reimbursement Form page_white_excel
Revenue Voucher page_white_excel
Volunteer Census page_white_excel

OSHNA has a history of partnering with other groups or organizations. This form will help identify some of the information OSHNA needs for a successful partnership.
Application for Support, Partnership, or Recognition page_white_word